Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Day

It's a little chilly outside. Like 11 degrees and snow, snow, snow!! For this southern CA chicky it's an exciting experience, but for the locals its an inconvenience.

We're all snuggled in.

Thanksgiving was great. We had a deep fried turkey this year which was delicious! Our friend, Sid, is the designated Town Fryer and has been known to fry up to 15 turkeys on Thanksgiving. He has 3 fryers going at once. Drop off your turkey and pick it up an hour later with a case of Miller Lite. Not a bad deal!

Casey was here for a week and our friends, Hans & Heather came for dinner. Hans introduced Andy to single malt scotch. Andy liked it a lot.
A LOT! He got a little wound up after dinner and decided we should go Thanksgiving carolling at all our friends homes. But who knows any Thanksgiving carols? So we went and just annoyed everyone. We first went to CJ & Wayne's. They said they were happy we stopped by but I think they were just being polite. CJ poured herself a Screwdriver in order to come down to our level but no sooner did she drink maybe 2 sips, our party Andymal decided it was time to move onto the next unsuspecting household. CJ & Wayne opted not to join us; a very wise decision on their part. At Mike & Steph's Andy really put on a show. He was the life of the party. At one point I saw Steph hiding the lampshades! I had to hide under the table from embarrassment. He wasn't rude or insulting. He was funny and having a great time and had everyone in tears from laughing. No, he wasn't a gnarly drunk. He was a very happy drunk. If one were to measure it on "The Happy Drunk" meter, he would have gotten a 10, which is awarded by staying in bed all the next day with a helluva headache. That's my man!!
That's all i got. lvoek

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Halloween in Velveta, as always, was a good laugh and lots of fun. Our friend Mickey came as "I Dream of Jeannie". That's Hans in an interpretive Spidey costume.

Andy is enjoying this weirdness waaaayyy too much!!!

For those of you who follow the weather in Colorado (and I know you all do), you can't assume La Veta weather is the same as Denver or Colorado Springs. It's more like Albuerquerque or Santa Fe, NM. Denver and the Springs (oh yeah, babe. Here in Colorado we call it "The Springs") get more snow and wet weather. So when you hear Denver got 12" of snow this weekend, La Veta got 3". And a nice snowy day it was. Andy has his new snow boots and bomber hat.

Of course he had to torment Waffles with the stupid hat.
Our good friend Dave, who owns Sammie's Diner where we all gather, had a "mild" heart attack last week. He's back to work and doing fine. And, as most La Vetians, has no health insurance. A fundraiser was held for him yesterday at the diner. The heart of La Veta is huge. That's the attraction for Andy & I - the people. Over 150 people participated. It was awesome! I love this town!
I keep thinking I will post photos of the house soon, but every time I turn around, something else is being done and it seems the house is always in chaos. Oh well. That's all i got. lvoek

Friday, October 30, 2009


This past summer was extremely busy with readying the house for a mid-July move in date which we miraculously made and celebrated with high fives and champagne! I love our little home! The transformation from when we first arrived in May until now (Oct.) is nothing short of amazing to me when I go back in time with photos. I will have to chronicle the summer in blog sections or parts as you'll get bored out of your mind if I make this one big, long narrative of the past (almost) 5 months and will have to work backwards, as I believe the present is more significant than the past (and I can't remember that far back!!)!
We returned to La Veta this past Friday, Oct. 23. It had snowed about 12" the previous Tuesday. By the time we arrived (in time for Happy Hour at Sammie's Diner), a lot of the snow had melted. The following days were warm, sunny, and BEAUTIFUL!!
Waffles loves the snow.
Our new trailer.
We were in CA for 2 fast and furious weeks for our daughters' wedding and in search & purchase of a trailer to haul supplies in order to make it through a Colorado winter. It was a "wham bam thank you ma'am" visit and I offer my apologies to my friends that I could not see due to all the action. I WILL make it up to you!! That's all I got for now. lvoek

Monday, July 6, 2009

Viva La Vitra

I was awakened this a.m. by a gnat that flew up my nostril. I thought that happened only to dead people so I brought out my mirror to check for signs of life. Fortunately, I'm still alive and, as of the 4th, officially in my 55th year (that makes me 54 for those who don't wear flip-flops).

I had a great bday celebre complete with the annual La Veta 4th of July parade (and, no, these photos aren't the same ones as last year's. Just looks like it!).

Mama Baby! Baby Mama! Thank you very much!

Mayor Mickey

Andy & Waffles at the 4th of July Art in the Park.

A few weeks back my friend Lynda came for a visit.

The action in La Veta was too much for her....she had to leave early...

I think the Chicken Drop at Francisco Fort's Saloon Night could have been the last straw. She wore herself out trying to get Sadie the chicken to poop on #23.

I was back in CA briefly. It was a whirlwind visit as usual. Not enough time to spend with all my peeps. But I got fed and laughed a lot, which are the only things I really care about!

(besides Waffles, of course!)

I was lucky enough to spend Father's Day with Tom & Steph. Their son Evan prepared some scrumptious ribs! Their home was a semi-casuality of the Jesusita Fire. The landscape was burned up to the edge of the property. Patio furniture, fences, and other items in the yard were destroyed, but the house remained untouched with the exception of some smoke damage. Houses around them burned, some partially, some to the ground. I cannot even begin to fathom their experience.

While in CA some of us got together and celebrated Thuy's birthday!! Happy Birthday, Thuy!

Thuy was dissappointed I didn't wrap Waffles and make her Thuy's gift!

That's all I got for now! lvoe,k

Sunday, May 17, 2009

MoFo's Day & Waffles' Birthday

Casey was here for 3 days and celebrated MoFo's Day and Waffy's birthday.
Being a proud mother, dragged him around town to meet friends and view the sites. It took all of 11 minutes.
La Veta Liquor where we bought beer, potato vodka, and gin. Hmmm.....maybe too much information...
Post Office


Charlie's Grocery Store

Celebrating Waffy's birthdog with Hans & Heather, Casey, & Andy at The Dog Bar in Cuchara.
For the remaining 71 hours and 49 minutes, Casey tried not to let on that things were a little slow for him.

Casey & Beez pretending to be at a cat show.
Watching Waffles dig a hole.
That's all i got. lvoek

Travelin' Fools

May 3, 2009

On the road with all the animals; the largest and least managable animal was driving, of course.

Are we there yet?

Window seat, please.

Yeah! Roll out the catnip! We finally made it!
that's all i got for now. lvoek